Why Choose us ?

Benefits to an OWNER

  • Manage and Maintain your property with or without rentals
  • Periodic property inspections
  • Liaise for payments to corporation, association and other local authorities
  • Tenancy to meet your specific tenant requirements
  • Tenant information shared to get approval
  • Rent & Security deposit received directly from Tenant
  • High tenant retention ensuring minimum vacancy
  • Expertise and Knowledge of local laws and market
  • You are hiring a team of professionals to manage your property

Benefits to a TENANT

  • No charges for property viewing !!
  • FREE documentation !!
  • Ready to move in homes
  • Rent Agreement signed with Owner
  • Security Deposit payment to Owner directly
  • High tenant retention ensuring minimum vacancy
  • Rent Payment to Owner directly
  • Loha Realty Maintenance Team available at no service costs
  • Reliable and Efficient service 7 days a week
  • Hassle free stay, renewal and termination of rent agreement

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